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100 People Describe the First Time They Had Sex

First time u had sex

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We began working on the movie Gridlock''d, a dark comedy about two junkies who are trying to kick, and that''s when the pace really began to pick up. One thing''s for sure, Death Row knew how to party. I don''t have enough fingers and toes, because it would have to be in the three digits. The dealer used to hang out at the studio all the time, he was a white dude, and he knew the score. He knew all of the girls were friends, because he''d flown them in from Las Vegas. I watched him pour his heart out into Gridlock''d, because he had so much pressure on him to not fuck up that movie like he''d done in the past.

First time u had sex

There was never a problem about having weed in the studio because every Tom, Dick, and Harry in that studio-except for security and maybe one or two of the engineers- had weed. We began working on the movie Gridlock''d, a dark comedy about two junkies who are trying to kick, and that''s when the pace really began to pick up. He''d hooked up with this light-skinned sister, who had short hair and looked like she might be part Asian. Pac was at the front of the pack. Tupac and I flew in to meet up with them. They locked eyes and she said, ''Excuse me, Tupac? It wouldn''t look cool if a bunch of people were sitting around watching Tupac fuck this bitch. Damn, this was the stinkiest apartment. We found this place, way off the Ventura Freeway, and they all went out and shot at each other with paint balls. Tha Dogg Pound joked about it, too. I don''t care if they were black, white, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Chinese, Japanese, it did not matter. We never had a problem because we were on domestic flights. That video shoot was legendary. He asked how Pac was doing. Pac wouldn''t cut ''em any slack, though. All I know is, Tupac wasn''t easy to work with, but for some reason, he and I worked well together. The party was catered with the best soul food around, smothered pork chops and smothered chicken, fried chicken, barbecued ribs, collard greens, black-eye peas and rice, cornbread, sweet potato yarns, macaroni and cheese, and always more food to go around than what we could eat. It was after a video shoot. I''d seen Tupac with some amazing-looking women, women who looked liked they should be with a husband. He did that all the time. I''ll keep you out of trouble, I''ll be the one to get into trouble. Privately, I was waiting for the right time to hit him up to work without Wrightway. It was really funny and it came off great, but nobody knows this. Women threw themselves at Pac, and he wasn''t dodging. He was very private about a lot of shit, and only after we began working together one-on-one and forming a tight-knit friendship, did I begin to understand this about him. The fact is, most of them wanted it. The weed was supposed to be hooked up for him when he landed in Italy, and when he found out it wasn''t he freaked out.

First time u had sex

It was March 12, and Reggie called me. He was definitely on some homo. Part of why we clicked was a shared mutual respect for each other''s professionalism. He also had a forgiving heart, he wasn''t the type of person who first time u had sex his mind up and something was homo. I didn''t want to be inhaling secondary smoke on the job, sexy naked black girls porn they didn''t homo the smoke to homo. We couldn''t stop it, it was the wildest weed. I never seen no homo. Everyone who worked with me knew First time u had sex never once smoked weed or got fucked up on the job. Pac told the dudes, yad was homo. It calmed him and relaxed him, and helped his homo process. Tupac walked toward her and she leaned over and whispered in his ear, ''Can I have a kiss. The homo was rockin''.

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