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Sex on an inversion table

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Rhetorical questions in the form of negative-interrogative sentences are always charged with emotive meaning and modality, and imply doubt, sometimes assertion, sometimes suggestion. The phrase all of her is also isolated. Inhabit brackish waters of coastal rivers and lakes, occasionally penetrating fresh water Ref. They had not seen - no one could see - her distress, not even her grandfather. But who bothers to sort out the conflicting economic, social and other motives here and to mitigate accordingly? To think better of it, "returned the gallant Blandois", "would be to slight a lady, to slight a lady would be deficient in chivalry towards the sex, and chivalry towards the sex is a part of my character" D. The ellipticizing of sentences may lead to the disappearance of all sentence parts and leaving behind only one word which acquires a strong emotional impact. It is used for characterizing the psychological state of the literary personage, e. Is inversion a powerful device of emphasis?

Sex on an inversion table

What is the emotional charge of the negative-interrogative rhetorical questions? Syntactic parallelism may unite semantically different elements into complex syntactic unities, creating a true-to-life description of the event, e. Spawning period varies considerably between estuaries Ref. Framing - the initial parts of a syntactical unit, in most cases of a , paragraph, are repeated at the end of it. This is a specific device of expressive syntax consisting in the deliberate breaking of a single syntactic structure into two or more intentionally isolated parts separated from each other by a pause or a full stop in writing. Break may indicate a warning or a threat, e. Here are the most common implications of break: What parts of the sentence can be ellipticized? If the reader feels that there is such an omission, he interprets it as a stylistic device. Repetition is a recurrence of the same word, word-combination, phrase or a sentence two or more times. This is backed up by intonation which differs considerably from the intonation of ordinary questions. They are often used in emotive prose in descriptions of nature, interior, appearance, etc. Obviously - this is a streptococcal infection. Repetition requires the reader to stop and rethink the significance of the reiterated unit So it is widely used in emotive prose to convey different feelings and emotions, such as meditation, sadness, reminiscence and other psychological states. Here the synsemantic conjunctions receiving the status of sentences are obviously promoted in their semantic and expressive value. The main stylistic function of both anaphora and epiphora is to create the background for the non-repeated unit, which, through its novelty, becomes foregrounded. In Modern English we often come across questions which are presented as affirmative sentences, the only indication, of their interrogative nature being the question mark at the end. Here the repeated parts of the sentence come in the reversed order. Parallelism is often combined with other stylistic devices and is used to back them up, such as lexical repetition, alliteration, antithesis. Complete parallelism maintains the principle of identical structures throughout the corresponding sentences, e. As we can see, the repetition of conjunctions makes the utterance more rhythmical, so that prose may look like verse. These are one-member sentences consisting only of a nominal group, which is semantically and communicatively self-sufficient. In some cases, a chronological or logical sequence can in English be changed in presentational order e. This is a stylistic device in which the traditional direct order of the English sentence S-P-O is changed either completely so that the predicate predicative precedes the subject fully or partially or the object precedes the subject. The rhetorical question reinforces the meaning of the interrogative sentence and conveys a stronger shade of emotive meaning. How does it change the semantic aspect of the message? They may convey some additional information specifying the utterance, e.

Sex on an inversion table

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